Teacher Exemplars

BPS Collegial Examples

Mrs. Gompah

BPS #050 - Gr 2

Mr. Robson

BPS #061 - Gr 4

Examples of Content

  • Home

    When someone navigates to your site, they will land on your HOME PAGE. Recommended items include:

    • A Welcome Message
    • Who you are
    • What you teach
    • Where you are located 
    • Purpose of your site
    • Intended Audience


    About Me

    Students and parents love to know about their teacher.  Recommended items include:

    • An all about me article
    • Picture(s) of you
    • Bullet point your favorite things
    • Your certifications
    • Favorite hobbies
    • Where you went to College
    • What you like to do
    • Why you love teaching
    • Your "mission"


    Additional Pages

    • Note to Parents
    • Behavioral Expectations
    • Class Rules
    • Your Class Schedule
    • Student Resources (link to Schoology, for example)
    • Word List
    • Lesson Plans
    • Contact Me page
    • Class Projects
    • Pictures (be sure when posting pictures of students, that you have a media release form signed by a guardian)
    • Classroom tour
    • All About our School
    • Calendar

    The possibilities are endless!