School Building Naming Conventions

Importance and Places for Naming Consistency

  • It is up to the school building administration to dictate how teacher pages are named. It is important to have consistency when naming teachers' pages. Below are two suggestions for naming conventions.

    Note: This school arranges the directory by last name.

    Teacher Pages Directory Agahiu's Grade 7 & 8 Social Studies Site • Anderson's Grade 3 Site • Banach's Grade 2 Site • Boone's Guidance Counselor Site • Brewer's Physical Education Site • Buell's Site D Glaub's Music Site Granica's Kaleida Corner Helliwell's Reading Site • Jargiello's Grade 2 Site • Johnson's ENL Grade 8 Site Karilus' Sav Yes Site E F G HJKLP."N Munson•Ellis' Grade 6 Site Musso's Grade 6 Site 0 Nashir-Numan's ENL Grade K Site o Oakley's Site O'Hara's Pre-K Site Pachura's's Grade Site



    Note: This school arranges the directory by content area.