Principal's Update

August-September 2020

Dear Families,

I hope this finds you and your families doing well and staying healthy.

Now that we know for certain that our children will be learning virtually at home for the beginning of the school year, I wanted to update you with additional information as we prepare for our virtual return to school.

Please read the information below. There are important dates and times coming up for certain items as well.

As always, contact the school with any questions and we will do our best to get answers for you.


Dawn DiNatale


Makowski IB World School

Have you Moved or Have a New Phone Number? Let's get you updated NOW!

Please follow the information below to update your information on file with our school.

Having current and updated contact information will allow us to be able to communicate with you and your families as we continue with our virtual learning.

Use this link to open the site for the Change of Information form. You can complete this right online and submit it. It will go right to the district and your information will be updated as we get it.

Any questions, please contact the school. Thank you!!

Parent Portal Information and Sign Up

Parent Portal is a fantastic tool to access information for your child's grades, attendance, behavior, etc.

You will need to sign to also access information regarding your child's teacher too.

Please use the following links to help you with the set up.

Parent Portal Log In and Information

If you need to sign up, click here. Parent portal request for a Parent.

If you have already set up an account in Parent Portal, click here to login.

Technology Updates

Please note August 28th is the last day that our family technical drop in sites, currently operating out of Bennett, South Park, Lafayette and East on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11AM – 1PM will remain in operation.

Beginning August 31st, families will be able to bring their devices to the BPS Center for Innovation, Technology and Training at 1515 South Park Avenue, between 10AM and 2 PM daily.

Technology Distribution via Households

Our new BPS Technology Action Committee, has worked together to refine and streamline the device distribution process for our families. We will be taking a “household” approach to distribution, allowing us to address families’ needs for hot spots when they come for devices, while eliminating any need for parents to come on multiple days/times. Attached please find a copy of the letter being sent to families. Each household has been assigned a specific date, which is included in the customized letter we are sending home. We will also be using the School Messenger system to send targeted messages to individual families. We hope that principals will find the information below useful to include in any communications sent to families. All devices can be picked up at PS #28 located at 1515 South Park Avenue, 14220.

We are particularly excited to be collaborating with the Multilingual Department to offer days specifically targeted to our Multilingual families on August 17th – 19th. Translators and cultural resource specialists will be available to assist families with any questions they may have.

Families should come on the date/time assigned or to use August 26th and 27th as an alternate date.

Grade Level School Supply Lists


Please see the supply lists below for each grade level. These are basic supplies that our students will need at home before starting school on September 8th.

Contact your child's teacher should you have any questions.

PREK list:

Please see link below

KINDERGARTEN list: ** EVERYTHING can be found at the Dollar Tree/Store **

  1. Whiteboard
  2. Whiteboard markers
  3. Composition Notebook
  4. Crayons, Pencils, Sharpener
  5. Math counters (anything that comes in a pack of 20 or more)
  6. Scissors
  7. Glue sticks
  8. Construction paper
  9. Alphabet and number cards
  10. Play dough
  11. Bin to keep it all in

1st GRADE list:

*#2 sharpened pencils

*kid scissors

*twenty-four pack of Crayola crayons

*small glue sticks

Optional but VERY VERY helpful for students...

*pair of headphones that go over your head

*pocket folders

*composition notebook

*loose-leaf or construction paper

*pink eraser

*expo marker and small whiteboard


*3x5 index cards

*pencil sharpener

2nd GRADE list:


-pencil sharpener


-crayons or colored pencils

- 4 notebooks (Please label: Math, IB, ELA, Writing)

-paper (wide ruled paper preferred)

-1 folder

3rd GRADE list:




Pencil sharpener

Dry erase board

Dry erase markers and eraser


Ruler with inches and cm

Folder and composition no for each subject (math, ela, ss, sc)


1 pack of 24 pencils

1 pack of crayons


2 glue sticks

2 notebooks

1 pack of index cards

1 folder with prongs and pockets

multiplication flash cards

PBIS and BEE Store

PBIS will be using our school-wide communication system -DOJO to distribute and monitor virtual Bee Tickets during our remote learning. Students will receive Bee Tickets for participating in online learning, completing assignments and meeting our criteria for virtual learning. Parents can monitor their child's tickets by downloading the DOJO app on either Android or Apple product and connecting to their child's teacher. The teacher will send out the class code during the first week of school.

Our Virtual Bee Store will be running again this year. A schedule will be posted and communicated out to you for Grade level days/times to logon. We will have a menu of items posted in schoology for you and your child to access prior to logging on to the Bee Store. Your child's teacher will inform you of your total tickets along with monitoring on Class DOJO. Specifics as to days/times and when the Bee Store will open will be forthcoming. If you have any questions please reach out to Miss Fabi at

Technology Tools You Need to Know About


Teams will be used for virtual meetings so we can communicate with you. Please familiarize yourself with the tool. It may be good to download the app on your computer or smart phone as well.


Schoology will be the platform we use so that teachers can communicate with you during virtual learning to post assignments, discussions, etc. Students have accounts to access this material as well.

Informational Videos for Student Safety with Covid 19

Please use the videos to help guide our students through this time of Covid.

These are simply informational and will guide our students through wearing masks, social distancing and washing hands.

Coronavirus: How to Teach Kids About COVID-19 | BrainPOP
Social Distancing: A Kid-Friendly Explanation Using BrainPOP's Make-a-Movie
How to Wash Your Hands | BrainPOP Jr.
Wearing a Mask- A Social Narrative for Children by Autism Little Learners

Coronavirus Information by CDC

Please find additional information here by the CDC.

We are working very closely with any updates by the district and state concerning the virus as well.

Stanley Makowski IB World School

Make sure to share all the important contact information for your school & necessary staff, along with how to contact folks (by email? By text? By phone?). If you are updating on social media, make sure to include those URLs, as well.