• Phase II Plan

    Dear da Vinci Family,

    As we continue to develop supports for all students during this challenging time, I would like to share our plans for Phase II returning students. As you know, Phase I was a result of data analysis based on the needs of our students. During Phase I, we welcomed back our seniors in need of extra help [based on grades], our special education 12:1:1 Self - Contained and English as a New Language students.

    For phase II, we have carefully reviewed all the 2nd Quarter Academic achievement data and have concluded, that we will be reaching out to welcome back students with 1 or more incompletes [failing grades] on the 2nd quarter report card [Grades 9-11]. We have begun contacting all students this applies to via phone. Our guidance department has posted the criteria on Schoology as well as a reminder to students. While we are YET to know the ACTUAL date phase II will begin, we do expect this will happen within the next couple of weeks.

    If you are the parent of a student currently failing 1 or more classes [incompletes], please contact your child’s guidance counselor as follows:

    Mrs. Shul [ Last Name A-L] Cshul@buffaloschools.org and/or contact the main office for Mrs. Shul

    Ms. Brett [Last Name M-Z] Mbrett@buffaloschools.org and/or contact the main office for Ms. Brett

    Please discuss with your guidance counselor the days your child may be able to attend for Phase II sign up.

    If you have already received a call and chosen the days of participation, then you are all set and will be receiving the START date as soon as we have it available.

    Please know that all returning students must complete the Consent form for COVID19 testing and must agree to wear a mask properly at all times during the school hours. The consent to be tested form will be mailed along with the confirmation letter [with the days of the week assigned to students] which will be sent to the homes of those who agree to return and meet the criteria to return during Phase-in II. While only the identified students will be scheduled to return to the building, please know all our students are equally important. We will continue to explore other safe ways to increase in-person return numbers. We are continuing to provide academic and social emotional assistance to all our students to ensure that their educational experience is the best possible, given the current situation.

    The plan is a multi-layered approach to ensure that the needs of our returning students are met; these elements include:

    • Instruction based on each students Individualized Education Plan

    • Individual and small group mental health and emotional support

    • Small group and individualized academic learning

    All students who have been identified must agree to uphold District & CDC guidelines for in-person learning. Dr. Cash will announce the START DATE for PHASE IN II, in return, I will then inform the da Vinci community as to that phase– in student date.

    I am excited about the opportunity to begin to engage students during in-person learning again. I will continue to communicate to ensure that all necessities such as transportation and other logistics are communicated to you well before the start of in – school learning. Please do not hesitate to call the school or email me if you have questions or concerns regarding this plan.


    Gregory A. Lodinsky