• Mr. Aquilina 

    General & Instrumental Music

    PS72 -- Lorraine Elementary 

    E-mail: dwaquilina @ buffaloschools.org 




Band Lesson Schedules

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    Lorraine Band Q&A

    Q: What skills will students learn?

    A: Students will learn the technical skills to play their instruments, general musicianship, and improvisation. Students will also gain valuable experience working together as part of a larger group and will be given ample opportunities for ownership in the music that they create together. 


    Q: When are lessons held?

    A: Lessons will be “pull out” lessons and be about 30m every cycle. The schedule will rotate so that students aren’t always missing the same subject every cycle. In order to participate in the band program, students will have to agree to be responsible to make up any work that they miss. Consistently missing work and lack of effort in class are grounds for temporary removal from the band program.



    Q: How much does it cost?

    A: Nothing! Instruments will be provided to students to borrow for the year, with a similar agreement as their 1:1 devices.


    Q: What safety precautions are being taken? We’re still in the midst of a pandemic!

    A: We will be following all applicable guidelines from the district, the Erie County Board of Health, and the New York State Education Department. In particular we will be enforcing physical distancing between musicians, and instrument covers and specialized masks will be provided. Lessons will take place in the auditorium and outside when feasible.


    Q: What is the time commitment outside of school?

    A: Students will be required to regularly practice at home, and if it it safe to do so we will have an evening concert in the Spring. At a minimum they should expect to do 10-15m of practice at home a couple times a week.


    Q: What instruments can they play?

    A: Choices include flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and percussion (drums and xylophones).


    Q: Are there any other instrument choices? What about piano or guitar?

    A: if a student already plays the piano, electric guitar, or bass and wants to play in school I will make a spot for them in the program! However, I will require them to already have some experience playing their instrument. 


    Q: What if we go back to remote instruction?

    A: Lessons would continue and be held virtually!