• SBMTWelcome to our School Based Management Team (SBMT) 


    This team consists of adminstrators, teachers, students, and parent/community leaders.  The team meets monthly to focus on improving student achievement.  All parents / guardians are welcome to join!  Please visit our School 18 Bitmoji page to find the zoom link the morning of our SBMT meeting.  

    September SBMT minutes

    October SBMT minutes

    November SBMT minutes

    December SBMT minutes

    January SBMT minutes

    February SBMT minutes 

    Future Dates:

    • 2.15.22 @ 8:00 am  https://zoom.us/j/95102577097?pwd=OG9DWDlzOEU5N3pmeVRhVkdBWUJBUT09
    • 3.29.22@ 8:00 am   https://zoom.us/j/95116513927?pwd=YllFa3Q0bjUxZm84b1p3SHRtRHhLdz09
    • 4.26.22 @8:00 am   https://zoom.us/j/95063503708?pwd=UjhtZzFsL2M5NFY1RmxyY0xRR2VaQT09
    • 5.24.22 @8:00 am   https://zoom.us/j/95346085257?pwd=VEx3Y3pVbDFZOUp2R24rUDl4QVpSdz09
    • 6.21.22 @ 8:00 am   https://zoom.us/j/96761604988?pwd=a3VsMWxDNVJiU3JhakJFUENIcW44dz09