• Welcome to Harvey Austin School #97 Library Media Center!


    Tracey Watson

    School Librarian

    1405 Sycamore St, Buffalo, NY 14211 

    (716) 816-4460


    About Ms. Watson:

    • Ms. Watson has taught Information Literacy for 6 years as a School Library Media Specialist and as a Children's Public Librarian. She holds a NYS certificate as Library Media Specialist, and she has a NYS Public Librarian license. She graduated from the University at Buffalo with a Master of Library Science. Whether it’s for academic or personal endeavors, she enjoys teaching and encouraging students to use their own thinking and library resources to achieve their goals.

    Finding Books in the School Library:

    • Students use the library catalog to search for books by author, title, subject, or key words.
    • Everybody books and fiction books are organized alphabetically according to the author’s last name.
    • Nonfiction books are organized numerically according to the Dewey Decimal System.

    Finding EBooks and Audiobooks Online:

    • Students can use the New York Public Library website (EBook Central) to search for free ebooks and audiobooks by downloading the Simply E app.

    Library Schedule:

    • Library lessons and book check out exchange are provided according to the school's master schedule. Students may check out, return, renew their library books when their classroom teachers bring them to the library.     

    Book Check-Out and Exchange Policy and Procedure:

    • PreK – 2nd grade students may check out one book at a time.
    • 3rd – 4th grade students may check out 2 books at a time.
    • Books may be checked-out/borrowed for 2 weeks.
    • Books are to be returned during students library class time.
    • Students with overdue, lost, or damaged books will not be able to check out books until the books have been returned or paid for.
    • If a student has any overdue books, their check out privileges are suspended until the books are returned.
    • Account status will be checked for overdue books and missing books.
    • Late notices are given to students and will be sent home.
    • Students may only check out a book for their personal use.
    • Students are responsible for the books on their own account.
    • Students should not check a book out for a friend and/or loan the book to a friend.