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    Course Description: This course uses diverse historical concepts and events as the context for discussing, and then writing about, important issues in U.S. History. This course also stresses critical thinking, evaluation, and especially writing as the main requirements for passing. The course requires you to take notes on lectures and assigned readings. It also requires you to complete several writing assignments on class work as well as writing a research paper. For optimum success in this class students are required to read this selected textbook


    AP U.S. History: Beginning with the changes to the format of the 2015 exam, students are required to apply historical thinking skills and knowledge of content as they respond, in writing, to new short-answer, document-based, and essay questions. Newly designed multiple-choice questions ask students to use their knowledge of content to analyze and interpret primary and secondary sources.

    Note: There will be TWO (2) Exams associated with AP U.S. History:

    Exam 1: AP U.S. History Exam - Friday, May 10th, 2019 (@ 8:00 a.m.)

    Exam 2: N.Y.S. Regents Exam - Tuesday, June 18th, 2019 (@ 8:30 a.m.)


    Homework Assignments:

    1st Quarter:

    1. Signed Syllabus: Due Date: (A.S.A.P.)

    2. Due Date - Sept 17th: Guided Reading Chapters 1-2  & (Columbian Exchange Activity)

    3. Due Date - Sept. 24th: Guided Reading Ch. 3 & (Cortes and Jamestown Activities)

    4. Due Date  - Oct. 2nd (Tues.): Guided Reading Ch. 4-5 & (Pilgrim vs. Puritan and Headright Activities)

    Chapter 1-3 Test: Thursday, Sept. 27th, 2018

    5. Due Date - Oct 9th (Tues.): Guided Reading Ch. 6 & (John Locke Activity)

    PICTURE DAY! (Wednesday, October 17th)

    6. Due Date - Oct. 17th: (Proclamation Line of 1763 Activity)

    Chapter 4-6 Test: Friday, October 19th, 2018

    7. Due Date- Oct. 23rd (Tues.): Guided Reading Ch. 7

    Due Date (MONDAY.) 11/12/18 @ NOON!: 1st Quarter Project: AP Colonial DBQ

    (YOU MUST TURN IN YOUR Task, Thesis and Evidence sheet 1st before

    you submit your essay on DUE BY FRIDAY 11/9)

    8. Due Date - Nov. 16th (Friday): Guided Reading Ch. 8-9

    ALL 1st QUARTER MISSING WORK IS DUE ON 11/13 by 2:45 pm.

    2nd Quarter:

    1. Due Date - Nov. 21st (Wednesday): Guided Reading Ch. 10-11 + (Federalists vs. Antifederalists Activity)

    Chapter 7-11 + Constitution Test: Friday, November 30th

    2. Due Date: Dec. 3rd (Monday) Guided Reading Ch. 12 + (The Burning of Buffalo Activity)

    3. Due Date: Dec. 10th (Monday) Guided Reading 13-14 + S. Truth's "Ain't I A Woman!" (1851) Activity.

    4. Due Date: Dec. 17th (Monday) Guided Reading 15 & 16 + Frederick Douglass' Speech Activity

    5. Due Date: Jan. 7th (Monday) Guided Reading Ch. 17 + Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 Activity

    6. Due Date: Jan. 14th (Monday) Guided Reading Ch. 18-20

    7. Due Date: Jan. 28th (Monday) Guided Reading 21


    Due Tuesday: 1/29/19 @ 5 pm! : 2nd Quater Project: Constitution Essay (LONG AP Essay) 

        + 10 extra points added to 2nd Project Essay if received on by Sunday, Jan. 20th.

    (You must turn in your evidence/thesis sheet before you submit your essay on


    3rd Quarter:

    1. Due Date: February 4th (Monday) Guided Reading Ch. 22-23 + Alabama Woman Primary Source

    2. Due Date: February 11th (Monday) Guided Reading Ch. 24 + Ch 25 + Gospel of Wealth vs. Social Darwinism Primary Source

    3. Booker T. Washington vs. W.E.B. Du Bois Group Activity

    3rd Quarter Project: Due Friday, April 12th @ 11:59 pm on (AP DBQ on Imperialism)

    4. Due Date: March 11th: Guided Reading Ch. 28-31 + Wilson's New Freedom Activity

    5. Due Date: March 18th: Guided Reading Ch. 32-33 + Harlem Renaissance Activity

    TEST: (3/22/19) - Ch. 29-35

    6. Due Date: March 25th: Guided Reading Ch. 34-35 + The Lend-Lease Act (1941-1945) Activity

    7. Due Date: April 1st: Guided Reading Ch. 36-37 + Japanese Internment Camps Activity

    8. Due Date: April 8th: Guided Reading Ch. 38-39 + Reagan War Powers Act Activity

    ALL 3rd Quarter Missing Work is Due by MONDAY, APRIL 15th, 2019 by 2:45pm


    4th Quater:

    1. AP EXAM Review Guides: Periods 1-9.

    2. Video Assessments: Cesar Chavez, Selma and 13 Days

    3. Word Banks (WWII, Containment, People, Court Cases, etc.)

    ALL 4th Quarter Work is Due by MONDAY, JUNE 17th, 2019 @ 2:45 p.m.




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