Room 301 - Ms. Levi & Ms. Millard

  • Welcome to the 2011-2012 School Year                          

    Ms. Millard is the Direct Instruction and Integrated Co- teacher who will be working in the sixth grade classroom for part of this school year.

    I am the general education teacher.

    We are looking forward to working with you throughout the school year.


    Our supply list is located on the website of Buffalo Public Schools.  Just click on School 3 then my name. Anyone who can show us that they have all the supplies on the list during the first days of school will re-ceive fifteen minutes of free time privileges on Friday, September 5th.


    Sixth Grade is very content heavy with particular emphases on math,reading. Homework will be assigned and must be done on a nightly basis.

    This is crucial in order for the student to practice the skills and reviewmaterials that was taught that day.  If homework is not done, time will be provided during the day (tragically often during free or fun time) for the homework to be completed.

    We use the Connected Math Program in 6th grade. This program has parent assistance sheets for the unit which will enable parents to assist students with their math. In order to access information please go to:

    http://www. to use me

    Dibels Testing

    Students will be tested regularly in order to determine their oral  reading fluency. We have found that students who read fluently are the ones to use their brain power to understand the meaning of the words and to grasp the big ideas of the content.