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    Hello everyone!  I hope everyone is safe and well.  I will be putting as much as I can onto Schoology in the MATH section.  We are trying to hold class sessions on a virtual link called lifesize.  Look at schoology math section to see what dates we will be holding thoses sessions.  

    My lifesize link that will bring you to our classroom will be: 

    In this virtual class I will be able to see their screen and then I can show them my screen to walk through some math problems that are not in the book.  

    Also, I have been uploading videos for each lesson.  Just click the link and it has a detailed video of that lesson.  If you ever just want to work ahead of our schedule, the link is Eureka math:


    we will also be using MOBY MAX.  This is in CLEVER,  Look for the blue whale.  Each week I am assigning different skills to work on.

    If you get stuck, don’t stress about it.  Go to the answer key and work backwards to figure out why the answer is what it is.  If it’s a lesson I think we can skip, then it will just show the lessons I want us to do.  I am also learning how to do all of this, so it will take some time.

    My email is        Cell: (716)-427-3404         or (716) 348-8540

    Please contact me through text or email, as I will be reaching out to each student also.