School Uniforms - School Uniform Information and Dress Code

  •  School Uniforms 2022-23

    School 17 Mandatory Uniform Information

    Parents, please send your child to school every day in complete uniform.

      Male Female
    Shirt Navy blue or white polo shirts* Navy blue or white polo shirts*
    Pants Khaki pants Khaki pants
    Skirt n/a Khaki or navy, jumpers
    *Polo Shirts with Collars

    Sneakers or sandals with a back are acceptable to wear to school. 

    Flip-flops, thong sandals or any shoes without a back are NOT  acceptable.

    Absolutely no short shorts or other revealing clothing will be permitted.
    If students arrive at school and are in violation of the uniform policy, you will be asked to bring clothes for your child to change into.

    Why uniforms?
    • Build school pride
    • Increase students' attention 
    • Improve behavior
    • Save families money
    If you have any questions, please contact 816-3150.

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