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    Dear Parents: 
    It's school time again! I am very happy to have your child in my classroom. I believe that by all of us working together we can make this a very successful year. I consider it of prime importance that you be an active part of your child's education. You are invited to phone me or set up an appointment if you have a question concerning your child's progress. Your child will be bringing home work to show you – so watch for it. Also, ask your son/daughter what they have been learning during the day! Remember, there is always something new that they will be sharing with you about their day! It is important that you and your child be informed of my standards of classroom behavior so everyone knows what is expected. I have always found parents to be very supportive of good classroom behavior so their child has a good environment for maximum learning. I will be sending home a copy of our classroom rules that we have developed together. I hope that you will contact me if, at any time, your child has a problem - academic, social, or emotional. Should your child become discouraged or fearful about school, please communicate with me so that we can discover the cause of the problem. I consider it a great privilege and responsibility to be your child's teacher this year, and look forward to meeting each of you. 

    Sincerely, Mrs. Page

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