Principal's Reading Challenge

  • Principal's Reading Challenge

    BPS Principal’s Reading Challenge Information Sheet for Schools (links attached at the bottom)


    What counts as a “book:”

    -          Texts read outside of regular school reading (i.e., not Journeys, CKLA or ELA Modules) but can be extension (e.g., third grader reads all of Sarah, Plain and Tall, or CKLA student reads The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus, by Aliki)

    -          Texts can be part of a homework assignment or project that is completed outside of school

    -          Texts should be within the appropriate Lexile range/difficulty level for student’s current reading ability (judged by teacher)

    -          PK-1 read alouds with parent/guardian/mentor sign off

    -          Texts can be written in any language


    • Anything schools already collected will count for Sept
    • October - June:  Students must complete an IVF form (or equivalent) for each book read or listened to; teacher reviewed
      • Suggested: parent/mentor signed logs
    • Entering or Emerging ELLs can dictate IVF as appropriate or can be allowed to complete the report in their own language with a parent/guardian sign off



    • Submit grade level tally each month starting in October (spreadsheet provided)
    • Maintain forms at building level for one year
    • Schools on winning team will take turns hosting the trophy next year



    -          Total number of books for PK-4 and 5-8 will be calculated separately

    -          Student population will be taken into account so that size is not an advantage

    -          Scores will be averaged across each team

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