Student Support Team

  • SST Student Support Team
    Brenda Criscione, Chair
    816-4770 Ext 1132 or 4562
    Kristine Pieczonka, Social Worker
    816-4770 Ext 1126
    Allison Suriani, Psychologist
    816-4770 Ext 1606

    Student Support Team’s (SST) goal is to provide a higher level of services and supports to all students in need. We also assist parents and staff when a student experiences difficulty. The SST focuses on both academic and behavioral needs with the development of an individualized student plan.

    We assist teachers in implementing different teaching methods for students resistant to traditional teaching and/or classroom management ideas.

    A plan of action is developed and regularly reviewed to look for growth and to make changes when needed.

    Interventions offered

    Check In/Check Out

    Social and Academic Instructional Groups

    Ripple Effects: an interactive, computer based intervention from students Gr 2-5 to enhance social-emotional competencies

    Individual and Group Counseling

    Family Support

    PALS: a play-based intervention for students K-Gr2

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