Transportation/Bus Information

    Due to safety concerns, the Transportation Department is no longer allowing students to ride a bus different from the one to which they are assigned.  If a student wants to go home with a friend, they are not allowed to do so unless the friend rides the same bus as the student.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding to keep your children safe.
    Veronica Koziol
    Transportation Coordinator
    Transportation Information

    If you have a concern regarding your child's bus trip, you may call the school 816-4770 and ask to speak to Veronica Koziol, Hillery Park's Transportation Coordinator.  If she is not available when you call, please leave a detailed message and she will return your call right away.

    If you have a concern about the bus after school hours (office closes at 4:00), you may call one of the following numbers, depending on the Bus # your child rides and reach someone to speak with about your concern:

    Bus #'s            Contact Person         Phone Number to Call

    200's                      Rob Hummel                     874-0544

    300's & 400's        Jim Nestico                      835-5410

    500's                      Paul Taylor                        826-4771

    600's                      Pam Przybylak                  896-1171

    700, 800, 900's     Tim Foley                          894-4778