• Our school
    wants to provide a safe, nurturing, and academically challenging environment, where students' thoughts go further than what another student is wearingFor these reasons, we want all of our students to dress in uniform.  Below is the uniform for our students.

    For help purchasing any portions of the school uniform, you can visit any department store

    All students must wear a navy blue shirt, preferably a polo.  No shirt should have any writing.

    Students should either wear khaki, black, or navy blue pants/skirt with their navy blue polo shirt.  These should not be stretch pants or jeggings.  No jeans are allowed.    

    Students should wear all black sneakers or dress shoes with black logos or absent-free logos.

    If the weather is cold, students should wear a navy blue or black sweatshirt, sweater, without a hood.

    *If there is a day where we do not require all parts of the uniform.  You will be notified by a flier home, and/or and automated phone message.

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