Learning and Support Portal

  • Welcome to Classlink!

    We will be spending some time getting together with teachers and students to survey how we can help and  would appreciate any suggestions along the way.

    Our goal is to stabalize access to all classlink desktop capable computers and expand the ways it is used in the classroom.

    Please CLICK HERE if you have a user without apps on classlink. 


    School wide outage notofication procedures.

    In the event that there is a major outage or problem with anything on the Classlink environment or Thin client machines we ask the you follow the detailed steps below:

    1. Teachers, Faculty, Staff – Should communicate the issue to the main office and the technology coach assigned to your building.

    2. Tech Coach or Office Staff for the school should forward an immediate communication to the specified recipients

    3. If no response is received within one hour the next step would be to call Help Desk at – 1-877-606-5774 anytime from 7am until 10pm


    Steps to take if you are unable to login to Classlink:

    1. Reboot computer
    2. Try 2nd and 2rd login
    3. Notify teacher or technology coach
    4. Submit a Trouble Ticket through school website.