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    Welcome to Kindergarten!  

    Dear Parents and Caregivers:

    My name is Mrs. Harmon. I am the Kindergarten teacher in ROOM 112.
    I have been an educator for over 25 years.  I enjoy working with young
    children and love to see their growth throughout the year. I look
    forward to guiding your child through their Kindergarten adventure!

    Kindergarten is a very important year for your child.  They will learn 
    how to blend words, read, and write.  They will also learn number
    recognition, number concepts, and their math facts.  They will also
    be exploring the beginning of Science and Social Studies.

    You are welcome to visit the classroom at anytime.  Please check your
    child's backpack everyday for important papers in their Take Home
    Folders. Please read every night and work on the monthly homework skills
    each night.  

    If you have any concerns, please contact me at 816-3240.