My Home Page




    I am your child’s ENL teacher. My name is Mrs. Harrigan. Children call me Mrs. H. My job is to help your child learn English. I teach each week in the Kindergarten and Grade 1 classrooms. I also take your child to my classroom each week with a small group of students where we practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English. I speak with the Kindergarten and Grade 1 teachers daily.


    Help your child do well in school:


    • Make sure your child is dressed properly. If it is cold, your child needs a hat, gloves, scarf, and boots. If it is raining, your child needs a raincoat with a hood. If it is hot, your child needs lightweight clothes. If you need clothes, tell me and I will help find clothes.


    • Read Class Dojo and Talking Points for school information.


    • Empty your child’s take home folder each day. The folders are full of work that your child has done at school for you to see. Send the empty folder back to school in your child’s backpack each school day.


    • Read stories to your child in your language. If you need books to read, tell me and I will give you books.


    • Tell your child stories in your language. Sing songs with your child in your language. Count in your language.


    I want to know about your child and your traditions. If you have a family picture that you could send to me or a picture of a festival that you celebrate, I would like that very much. I want to create a collage that shows the diversity we have here at School #48. Pictures can be emailed to or sent to me in Class Dojo. Teach me some words from your language too!


    When you are at School #48, introduce yourself. I am in Room 121. I want to show you the classroom, the materials, and the work that the students do. You may also email me or send a message in Talking Points or Class Dojo if you have questions or something you’d like me to know about your child.