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  •  Mrs. Lickfeld's PreK Class

     ABOUT ME:  I am in my 16th year of teaching PreK of which all have been at School 45 and have taught for 18 years in this district.  I love PreK and am passionate about providing your child with the absolute best first experience at school.  My assistant Ms. Pellicci and I have been a team for five years and love working together.  We are firm but fair in teaching school rules and how to share and take turns-- sometimes the hardest lessons to learn!  

    I have a wonderful husband of 1 year; Jim, two beautiful (adult!) children; Jamie and Alex and am the lucky stepmom to Travis!


    You may reach me at School 45 816-3300.  My email is:  I am also on Class Dojo!  Please send messages to me through  the app.  I have sent everyone invitations and requested you by phone number.  If you haven't signed up, get in touch with me and we will try again!  I'd like to have 100% participation.



    -Our reading series is all about "Awesome Animals".  We are talking about different kinds of animals, animal homes and animal life cycles.  We are reading books and learning about wild, forest, ocean, farm and pet animals .  We will do an animal research project by employing a KWL chart and filling it in as we learn.
    In addition to our literature, we are learning alphabet letters J, K and L along with their phonemic component.  We use picture cards, books, activities using playdoh, paint to reinforce learning.  
    Additional learning concepts will be: learning our names and the letters that it contains, writing our names, reciting nursery rhymes, becoming familiar with talking concepts such as taking turns, partner talk and elbow partners as well as talking in sentences, listening to and talking about stories and concepts of sequencing and characters in the stories.
    Building Blocks Math
    -our math program consists of daily counting practice to 10, learning and reviewing colors and shapes as well as exploring with our different math buckets/manipulatives.  We also learn patterning and concepts of adding to or taking away.
    Throughout the day we discuss the expectations and how to play nicely, take turns and clean up appropriately in our centers.  These centers include: writing, blocks, sand table, dramatic play, science, reading, paint easel and manipulatives.
    Class Username: DennisPreK1
    Class Password: happy18
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