Ms. Santoro's Social Studies Homepage!!!

  • Welcome to SOCIAL STUDIES!

    We will spend the year learning about ancient cultures around the world. 
    Some questions you may have that I will answer for you this year:
    ~Who were the first humans?
    ~Where did humans first begin to settle and live in a community?
    ~Who built the pyramids?
    ~Are mummies real?
    ~Did the Ancient Greeks really believe in all those gods?
    ~What did the Romans really do inside the Coleseum?

    Did you know...
    ~The Ancient Chinese invented fireworks!
    ~The first civilized society was in present day Iraq!
    ~Most Ancient cultures were polytheistic (believed in many gods)!
    ~The oldest artifact ever found made by humans was a musical instrument called a flute. I guess music is a huge part of human history!
    ~Egyptians buried all their pharaohs in the Valley of the Dead. This was located on the western side of the Nile river so the sun would set on their graves every night.
    ~Writing was invented over 5000 years ago!
    ~The Greeks invented democracy, which is the government we use in America today!

    Studying history is a great way to understand why people act and do the things we do today. Click on the link and watch this video to see why history is important to you!!