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    Leslie Duggleby is an Instructional Technology Coach with the Buffalo Public Schools in New York State. Her job involves showing teachers and students how technology can be integrated into the curriculum in order to boost student performance. Blog

    I have copied most of my blog into the Resources section- it includes links and hints to some of the most effective techniques and tools I have found for integrating technology. There you will also find some of the forms we use or links/directions to finding them. 


    social bookmarking 
    delicious.com- Social Bookmarking is a tool which allows you to collect, organize, share and annotate bookmarks, then access them from any computer
    Buffalo Schoology 
    Schoology-A learning management system, connecting teachers to students. Automatically available for BPS grades 4-8. Create assignments, quizzes and discussions, plus have access to storage space and the ability to turn in student assignments. Click here for tutorials.
    Your logon is your AD info (computer username and password).
    Thousands of state assessment questions are housed here.  Compile your own tests or use the questions with an IWB and ActiVotes.
    Owners of Successnet and Successtracker, this site is tied to the Pearson Publishing site.  You can cull questions and create tests or assignments and assign them to your students
    Promethean Planet 
    Promethean Planet- Find and download hundreds of flipcharts for the IWB.  Flipcharts with the .flp extension are for use with ActivStudio and if they have a .flipchart extension, they are for use with ActivInspire.

    Click here to watch a video on teachertube.com about technology and its influence.
    Right Click here to download the ipad Write Clicks imovie

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