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    My name is Allyson LaRuffa and I am the School Psychologist assigned to the Student Support Team (SST) at the Olmsted Middle/High School building.  I was hired by the Buffalo School District during the 2001-2002 school year and have been with Olmsted Schools since fall of 2008.   I graduated from Iroquois High School, completed my Bachelor's Degree at SUNY Geneseo, and obtained my Master of Arts/Certificate of Advanced Study (MA/CAS) at Alfred University.

    People are often confused as to what a school psychologist does in the schools, or confuses us with the school counselor or guidance counselor. Below is the wiktionary definition of what a school psychologist is:

    school psychologist

    1. A practitioner or educator that conducts assessments to evaluate students on criteria such as intelligence, aptitude, and psychopathology. Additionally, they often consult with teachers and other school personnel help supply interventions to aid in student learning. Not to be confused with a school counselor.
    Aside from the job responsibilities associated with being a school psychologist, I am also a member of the Safe and Civil School team, the 504 team, the Committee on Special Education (CSE), and in charge of Manifestation Determination Review (MDR) at the school level.  Please feel free to contact me via e-mail or via phone @ 816-3148.

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