Dr. Charles R. Drew Science Magnet Mission and Vision - P.S.#59

  • Vision

    The students of Dr. Charles R. Drew Science Magnet School will be active, engaged learners, who are able to think critically, compete, and become college and career ready in all subject areas including Math, ELA, and Science.


    Mission Statement:

    At Dr. Charles R. Drew Science Magnet, we believe that all children must reach their full potential in order for them to be able to compete and become college and career ready.  Our commitment to our students starts first with a commitment to ourselves to seek continuous improvement in our skills which will lead to improved student learning.  We will meet students where they are and find the necessary support, resources, and personnel to help them reach their potential.  Dr. Charles R. Drew Science Magnet will build upon the partnership that we have with the Buffalo Museum of Science to help our students become critical thinkers and infuse that in all subject areas.  Families and students will be included in the educational decision making process which will result in the school and families supporting each other to help children become successful.


    We will do this by:

    -          Celebrating our students and teachers.

    -          Recognizing areas of growth and striving to improve our skills.

    -          Infusing scientific inquiry into the curriculum.

    -          Meeting children where they are and finding the appropriate supports and personnel to help them improve in their skills.

    -          All students will be nurtured and supported by caring adults who have every child’s best interest at heart.

    -          Infusing the use of data into our daily instruction so that we may appropriately respond to students so that they are successful in all subject areas, including ELA, Math, and Science.

    -          Communicating and working with parents and families regarding student learning and behavior.


    We believe that:

    -          All students can learn regardless of their background.

    -          All teachers and staff play a critical role in helping children reach their potential.