About Our School


    The Charles R. Drew Science Magnet #59 Annex is a School in Good Standing according to the State of New York. It houses over three hundred young children in grades PreK through grade 2. The building was renovated in 2006. It has a state of the art computer lab, library media center, and gymnasium. The classrooms are fully equipped with developmentally appropriate instructional materials, furniture, lighting, and computers. In addition, School 59 Annex has two courtyards. Both are designed to provide outdoor space to be used by teachers to meet curricular requirements of the State of New York. The courtyards provide a connection to nature that is not generally available in the urban environment. The students will become the next generation of environmental stewards!

    Our Connection with the Museum

    We are very proud of our continuing relationship with the Buffalo Museum of Science. Our students make regular trips to the museum. A shuttle bus transports the students. All of the students are guided by the education department of the museum. In addition, the museum staff makes visits to our building. They bring resources from the museum to provide hands on learning for our young children.


    Our Connection with Buffalo State

    We participate in the Professional Development Consortium with Buffalo State College. We mentor teacher candidates and the College provides ongoing professional development for our teachers. This mutually beneficial relationship with the college helps with the teaching and learning process.


    Our Connection with the Zoo

    Our students make frequent trips to the zoo. This aids in the understanding of scientific principles pertaining to the living environment. The zoo is an excellent place to learn about the characteristics of living things.