Mrs. Fountain Webpage - FIFTH GRADE ON THE MOVE!

  • Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year!

    "We as teachers must clarify the reasons for our instructional choices and find ways to make them clear to students so they are informed and motivated."
                                                                                           -Marilyn Burns (1995)

    Dear Parents and Students:

     The exciting start of the new year is an ideal time for parents and students to talk about setting goals for the future.

    I encourage you to take time to help kids feel positive about learning by creating a positive learning environment at home.

    I am forever reminded that this work of providing every student with a quality education is the  most important, most rewarding work I could ever do. Together we can continue to make this a successful year for our students.

     Please contact me if you have any question regarding your child's educational progress. I may be reached at 716-816-3370 or email

    The following websites are resources students and parents can use to build your Math and Reading
    skills. These sites will offer meaningful academic practice.

    Math skills: Choose the subject you desire by pulling the subject tab.Also the site is a fun site that offers practice,games and information for all grade levels.

    Reading/ELA skills: Click on the red square for "Learning Site", then
    the yellow reading rectangle, then Trophies, enter the author of your reading text. Find your grade. Also  offers reading comprehension activities to enhance reading


    See links below.