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    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!


    Did you know that your child should read at least 20 minutes a night and 25 books by the end of June?  Reading is an integral part of academic success!  Here are a few pointers:

    ~Have your child read to an adult or older sibling.

    ~Have your child read to you while you are making dinner.  Ask questions about the story.  "Why?" questions work best.  It makes your child think.

    ~Have your child read while in the car. 

    ~Borrow books from the library.  The library also has books on tape or cd.  Try these too!

    ~Set aside some time each night for reading.  For example, right before dinner, or right after dinner. 

    ~Make sure your child has a quiet place to read and do their work.  Tv's, radios, and ipods, shouldn't be on while they are reading. 


    Want your child to have acedemic success in math?

    Have your child practice their multiplication and division facts daily!

    Visit ixl.com for practice!



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