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  • Welcome to Ms. Pal's Class
    Dr. Charles R. Drew Science School of Exploration
    3A - Room 103

    I look forward to the wonderful things that we will accomplish this year!

    Here is some information that I hope will help you while your child is in 3rd grade:

    1) 3rd grade is a transitional year.  Things get more demanding for your child.  That is why responsibility and organization is key to success and readiness for 4th grade. Please check your child's homework agenda daily!

    2)  I have established procedures and routines to help your child feel more at ease and know what is expected.  This also helps the learning process.  Please ask them what they learned at school on a daily basis!

    3)  Please make sure your child comes to school well rested and prepared with supplies and homework.  It will help them tremendously stay on track with us in class!

    With your support, input, and cooperation, we will have a positive and successful school year!

                                                                               Ms. Pal :)

    Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime...

    -Chinese Proverb

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