• Welcome Back!!!

    I am so excited to have our wonderful students back this year! Hope you had an amazing summer and wish this message finds you well.

    We have some great news! The summer string program was a great success! We now have 20 guitars to use for classroom Music. The instruments will be housed at our school, and they will be put to good use by our 4th and maybe even 3rd graders. Youngers students grades (2-3) will be playing the ukuleles. 

    Mr. Warren

    We have already been working hard and making some noise this year! Our third and fourth graders will continue to practice their Patriotic songs. 

    The younger students in grades PK-2 will be working on developing their music skills as well. We are working on the following...

    2nd - Telling the difference between rhythm and beat, reading simple rhythmic and tonal patterns, and discussing dynamics.
    1st - Changing tempos, steady beat vs no steady beat, louder and softer sounds, melodic contour, and using our bodies as percussion!
    K - Using different voices (singing, talking, whispering), moving to fast and slow Music
    PK - exploring out voices and moving to the beat.