• COVID 19 Long-Term Closure Information.

    I hope everyone is staying safe and taking care of yourselves.

    I'm including some additional resources on this page, in case students have already flown through the keyboard packets that were assigned right before schools were closed. Please check back every week, as I will be adding resources as we continue to figure this distance learning out. I understand that this learning situation is not ideal, but things will get easier. I will primarily be assigning lessons out of the online McGraw-Hill book. Students will need help logging in for the first time, but after that (if you save the login credentials) students should be able to be self-sufficient. Click on the resources tab to find instructions on how to logon to your students account!


    Students typically have between 30-60 minutes a week of Music class, please do not stress over this... I just want to offer you resources.


    Miss everyone, hope to hear your beautiful voices soon!
    -Mr. Warren


    Suggested Assignments


    - Figure out how to access your online book. Explore it. Have FUN! There are a lot of interactive features... including digital instruments and choreographed dances!



    Kindergarten Section 3 Theme 1 Lessons 1 and 2
    1st Grade Section 3 Unit 1 Lesson 1
    2nd Grade Section 3 Unit 2 Lessons 1-5
    3rd Grade Section 3 Unit 2 Lessons 1-5
    4th Grade Section 1 Unit 3 Lesson 3