• Welcome Back!!!

    I am so excited to have everyone back for in person learning! The past year (+) has been a very trying time and I hope this message finds you well. Some things have changed in the Music room to follow state and CDC guidelines. Namely, students will be sitting 6 feet apart in Music so that they are able to sing. Windows will be flown open to allow for proper ventilation and hand sanitizer will be readily available.  Of course, masks must also be worn at all times in the building as per district policy. 

    Mr. Warren

    We have already been working hard and making some noise this year! Our third and fourth graders will continue to practice thier Patriotic songs and work on playing a "Sica" rhythm pattern during the Month of October. During Hispanic Hertiage Month, we will use the rhythmic patterns we learn in Music class and combine them with the "Bomba" dance moves that the students have been working on in Dance class! We have lots of fun! All drums are wiped down with disinfectant wipes between use to ensure cleanliness.

    The younger students in grades PK-2 have been working on developing their music skills as well. We are (have been) working on the following...

    2nd - Telling the difference between rhythm and beat, reading simple rhythmic and tonal patterns, and discussing dynamics.
    1st - Changing tempos, steady beat vs no steady beat, louder and softer sounds, melodic contour, and using our bodies as percussion!
    K - Using different voices (singing, talking, whispering), moving to fast and slow Music
    PK - exploring out voices and moving to the beat.