Mr. Robson
  • My name is Mr.Robson and I will be your child's fourth grade teacher for the 2022-2023 school year. This will be my sixteenth year teaching fourth grade at The Arthur O. Eve School of Distinction #61. The faculty and staff at this school are a very tight-knit community. We are very family oriented and work as a community to provide a nurturing learning environment for your child. I truly do enjoy teaching this grade level at, It is a very challenging year for the students and Is important to keep In mind the following information as we travel through the school year.

    Throughout this year your child will have many challenging tasks to complete such as the New York State English Language Arts test which begins in March and consists of three components. This assessment will test your child's knowledge in ELA using reading comprehension tasks as well as a variety of writing prompts. Another challenging task is the New York State Math Assessment which takes place in May. This assessment will challenge students using multiple choice, short answer response, as well as multi step word problems. The New York State Science Assessment will be given at the end of May and carry over to the beginning of June. This assessment consists of two components, one of which is a multiple choice format combined with short answer response while the other requires the students to conduct short experiments using laboratory materials. These three state required tests will assess your students knowledge in the specific subject areas up to this point in their elementary education career.  

    In order to ensure that your child does their best throughout the year it is imperative that we have your ongoing support. Your assistance at home and guidance are just as important as the educational experience your child will receive at school. Both components working together foster effective learning. In order to help us reach our goals please make sure your child spends at least 30 minutes reading every night. If books are needed a classroom library is available for students to sign books out. Homework is very important, it is necessary that homework is completed when assigned. Further explanations of homework assignments and future requirements can be found under the resources section.

    Thank you for all of your ongoing support and guidance.


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