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  • Welcome to my kindergarten classroom.  I have been a special education teacher in the Buffalo district for the past 14 years.  Over those years, I have taught 7 wonderful kindergarten classes, including this years amazing group.  It's amazing to watch how much the kids grow in their year with my (both academically as well as physically). 


    I use ClassDojo as a classroom management system.  It is a very useful (and free) app that you can easily download on your phone.  ClassDojo is a great tool to keeping contact with myself and my aide Miss Cruz.  Most of my parents are currently in communication with me on ClassDojo.  If you have not yet signed up, or if you are having any issued with ClassDojo, you can sign on again using the log in information which was sent home with your child in the packet on March 17, 2020 (the login code was on a green sheet of paper attached to the parent letter). 

    I know that this whole COVID-19 disease this is a very strange and unpredictable event which completely disrupted our year of learning.  I sent home a large amount of materials, with content across the curriculum.  However I know that worksheets are not really how your kids learn best.  In my classroom, I work with each of your kids one on one, and most of the work is hands on.  This is obviously impossible to put into a packet.  Your kids will learn by interacting with you.  Have them count the steps as they walk up and down; have them try to identify the first sound in words you tell them; have them sort object by color, etc.  




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