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    As a Speech/Language Pathologist I have a Master's Degree in Education, a New York State Speech/Language Pathologist License and a Clinical Competency Certification from the American Speech and Hearing Association. I am able to assess, diagnose and provide remediation for speech and language impairments and disorders across the life span.

    The school age child may have speech production difficulties, receptive (understanding language) and expressive language difficulties, problems with pragmatic skills (i.e. turn taking and staying on topic) or fluency (stuttering) problems.  In the school setting I provide remediation for speech production disorders and delays by helping students correctly produce the sounds they demonstrate difficulty producing.  Receptive language difficulties are targeted by helping the child understand what they are hearing.   Expressive language disorders are remediated by helping students be able to formulate grammatically correct sentences while they demonstrate comprehension of the lessons they have learned.  This area is somewhat similar to providing help for English language arts, reading comprehension and writing skills.  Pragmatic language therapy targets  how the student uses their social language skills. This area is targeted by using the play therapy provided where the students have practice in being socially competent in a group setting.

    I am here to help your child with any speech/language problem they may have.  We will work together in a very friendly, relaxed atmosphere.  Most therapy is usually given through play therapy activities such as board games and/or arts and crafts activities.  The children have fun while they practice and learn!    

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    Peachy Speechie (site for help with correct production of most sounds)