Hello Olmsted Families!

    Welcome back to the 2021-2022 school year. This year students will be returning fulltime which means your child will be attending the actual Art Room for their Art Classes. However, there still will be  mandated many precautionary measures to prevent the spread of germs that will cause covid19 and its variants. Much of the “in class” art experiences of the past have entailed quite a bit of sharing materials. But, because of the precautionary measures that must be taken, students can no longer share or touch shared materials and will need to bring the most BASIC of art materials as well as keeping them refurbished throughout the school year. These materials will probably just be the same materials needed for their regular classes anyway.

    These materials are:

                          -Art box/ container, or art bag (with student homeroom and label)


                          -Pencil sharpener



                         - Glue


                          -Art Folder to hold and keep artwork.

                         -Optional: Sketchbook, oil pastels, (size 7)  paint brush,


                          -Paper can be provided by the teacher as it will

                                  be something unshared between students.