Welcome to Gifted and Talented Education! - Dana Pepe, Grade 3 GT Resource Teacher

Mrs. Pepe

Dana Pepe

Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher

Welcome to Olmsted School #64.  My name is Dana Pepe, and I am a Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher for Grade 3.  This will be a very busy year in GT class.  First, we will be deepening our understanding and building upon skills learned in previous years.  Those skills are highlighted below in red.   New GT skills are highlighted in green and will be taught at various points throughout the academic year.   At the start of each GT unit, I will give a brief explanation of the skill and what we will be doing with that skill so that you may support your child at home.

GT Units/Skills

Brainstorming and FFOE


Bloom's Taxonomy


Scientific Method

Creative Problem Solving

deBono's Six Thinking Hats

Logic: Analogies, Syllogisms & Logic Puzzles


If you have any questions about the GT curriculum, please feel free to contact me at dpepe@buffaloschools.org or in room 314.  Thank you, and I look forward to working with your child this year!