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    Music Curriculum PreK-4

    The Music Curriculum at Olmsted School #64 revolves around the Elements of Music:  Rhythm, Melody, Form, Harmony, Tone Color, and Expression.  These Music Elements are learned through Singing, Playing Instruments, Dancing, Moving, Creating, Reading Music, Listening, Game Playing, Researching.  Students learn about music from different Periods in time:  Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century, Current and Composers from these Eras.  Students will learn how to listen for and recognize the music elements within a piece of music and experience, analyze, and compare them to each other and to other pieces of music.  EACH GRADE LEVEL WILL BEGIN WITH A BASIC----Show, Explain, Recognize, and Experience format in order to further expand to analyzing, comparing, implementing(using in various pieces of music and in their own compositions), and relating to other disciplines.  As the grade levels proceed up, the curriculum becomes more involved.  Music Grades are primarily asssessed on what students do to demonstrate their understanding and learning of the lessons and activities presented to them. They will have periodical projects to reinforce their subject matter. School Performances(in and/or outof school) will also contribute to their comprehension of music learning.


    Interactive Activity for Students