• The Frederick Law Olmsted School

    Gifted and Talented Program


    Application Process for the 2020-2021 School Year

    The Olmsted School includes a Gifted and Talented Component and a neighborhood component for grades K-4. This means that a certain number of students are accepted who tested into the gifted program and a certain number of students who live within the attendance boundary are accepted through a lottery process.

    All new students in grades 5-high school must test in.  However, students who are currently enrolled at Olmsted #64 move right into the middle school. In order for them to remain at Olmsted for grades 9-12 they must maintain an 82-85% average in the 4 core subject areas of ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies and achieve a 3 or 4 on their New York State ELA and Math assessments.

    The goal of the Fredrick Law Olmsted School is to provide opportunities for students who possess the traits of giftedness: above average ability, high creativity, and high task commitment, to achieve above and beyond the curriculum. 

    Applications are available online. 

    Contact Central Processing Center at 33 Ash Street, Buffalo, NY 14204. 816-3717

    If you need further assistance.



    Applicants for Kindergarten:

           1. Students will be administered an individual IQ test.

    Applicants for 1st - 4th Grade:

           1. Students will be given a reasoning and abilities test. 


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