North Park Academy Room #204 - 6th Grade 12:1:1

  • Welcome Parents and Students!
    Here we are; starting another school year!
    Welcome to 2017-2018 School Year!
    Please sign up for Class Dojo and complete the Welcome Back paperwork. Please ensure all supplies are in school by Monday 9/11/17. (See below)
    Parents; please check your child's folders daily for information about homework, school changes, and upcoming school field trips and classroom events!

    Check under My Homework for current homework, Test/Quiz, and Research Project dates.

    Check under My Calendar for upcoming dates and events for the class, school, and district.

    Check under My Links for websites for all learners in Math, ELA, Social Studies, and the Sciences.

    Current areas of study:

    ELA: Inference, Main Idea and Details.
    Mathematics: Ratios and Proportions.
    Science: Geology and Rock Formation.
    Social Studies: Aspects of Geography.
    Students should be reading something every night! Daily reading is vital for your success in life!

    Classroom Motto
    We'll never let it rest.
    Until our Good is Better and our Better is Best!
    Always try to get a good night sleep!

    Any information you need about Common Core or NYS Standards see NYS education website at


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