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    *def: home and careers is a field of study that helps people improve their quality of life.

    In the 7th grade, students will begin on the path to learning new skills for life.

    • Nutrition and Wellness-Students will develop skills that demonstrate nutrition and wellness practices to enhance individual and family well-being. 
    • Consumer Resource Management-Students will explore ways that demonstrate responsible consumer practices.
    • Personal Financial Management-Students will develop skills that demonstrate responsible and effective money management. 
    • Personal Environment Management-Students will learn how to develop knowledge, skills and practices required for the management of their living space. 
    In the 8th grade, students will learn many relevant life skills through project based learning.

    • Human Development-Students will learn the roles and functions of individuals at each stage of the life cycle.
    • Community Connections-Students will explore how they can integrate multiple life roles and responsibilities into family, school and community settings. 
    • Interpersonal Relationships-Students will develop skills that demonstrate appreciation of diversity and that will facilitate effective, accepting relationships with others. 
    • Career Development-Students will demonstrate skills to help them find meaningful work and determine the role work will have in their lives. 
    • Family and Parenting-Students will discover how the family unit and parenting are important, and how they impact the well-being of individuals and their families. 
    • Clothing Management-Students will develop skills that demonstrate effective clothing management and show how clothing decisions affect them.