Prinicpal's Reading Challenge



    All Buffalo Public Schools are participating in the "Principal's Reading Challenge". Each month the school whose students read the most books will get to house a magnificent trophy for a whole month!

    What counts as a “book:”

    -          Texts read outside of regular school reading (i.e., not Journeys, CKLA or ELA Modules) but can be extension (e.g., third grader reads all of Sarah, Plain and Tall, or CKLA student reads The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus, by Aliki)

    -          Texts can be part of a homework assignment or project that is completed outside of school

    -          Texts should be within the appropriate Lexile range/difficulty level for student’s current reading ability (judged by teacher)

    -          PK-1 read alouds with parent/guardian/mentor sign off

    -          Texts can be written in any language

    This challenge works hand-in-hand with the required 25 books read per year by each student. The added component is a summary of each book read. Please use the grade appropriate form below to complete the summaries:

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