1.    Head gear of any kind (including but not limited to:  hats, headphones, hoodies, bonnets, caps, hoods, scarf (except religious observance) may not be worn in school. Coats, jackets or clothing generally accepted as outerwear are not to be worn in the building.

    2.    Clothing that is deemed to be disruptive to the learning environment is not acceptable. Examples of forbidden clothing include, but are not limited to: halter tops, tanks tops, tube tops, muscle shirts, hot pants, short-shorts, miniskirts, see-through style clothing, tights and/or spandex style wear without a long covering top to within four-fingers of the knee (see Item 8), shirts or dresses plunging v-lines or otherwise revealing, clothing with obscene words, pictures or graphics.

    3.    Jewelry that depicts drugs or weapons is not allowed. Belts must be buckled.

    4.    No toe-out or heel-out shoes – ex: sandals, clogs, slippers, or other footwear that could be considered unsafe, dangerous or unhealthy.

    5.    Clothing that is associated with or identifiable, as a symbol of a gang is not permitted in school.

    6.    Special clothing may be required in certain situations (for example: goggles in a science lab or shop).

    7.    Shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts (including cut-off pants) must be within a minimum of the kneecap when measured by the individual student with fingers in a closed position.

    8.  Spaghetti strap tank tops, tube tops, belly shirts, see through shirts, mesh shirts, muscle shirts etc. is not permitted.   No low-cut tops or back cut out shirts are permitted.  

    9.  Jeans/pants with rips/shreds are NOT permitted.

    10.  School shirts (freshmen = gold, sophomores = black) must be worn on field trips and during designated school events. Shirts must be purchased in the main office for $15.