PS 309 East Community High School

    820 Northampton St., Buffalo 14211
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    Phone: 716-816-3997|
    Fax: 716-897-8130
    Grade: 9-12 • Hours: 8:00-3:00
    Principal: Adriann Cofield
    Assistant Principals: Janice Bowden, Moustafa Khalil

    Programs ECHS Offers
    Police Cadet

    The Police Cadet Program is designed to prepare students who are interested in careers in law enforcement, corrections or private security.  Our primary partner is the Buffalo Police Department.  Students will work closely with police officers, attend field trips and participate as cadets in community events in order to develop the skills and knowledge required to enter the field of law enforcement, security or corrections.

    Firefighter Cadet

    The Fire Cadet Program is designed to prepare students who are interested in becoming a firefighter.  Our primary partner is the Buffalo Firefighter for the Buffalo Fire Department.  Many fire departments require that firefighters also be an emergency medical technician (EMT).   Cadets will receive the necessary training to become an EMT once they turn 18 years of age.


    This Forensics Program is for students who are interested in the science of investigation.  Forensic scientists usually work on teams with law enforcement detectives or fire investigators. Students will learn how to collect and process evidence to assist in the solving of crimes.

    Legal Professions

    The Legal Professions Program is for students who are interested in law related careers such as lawyer, judge, law clerk, paralegal, legal analyst, legislator, legislative assistant, court reporter.  We are partnering with lawyers and judges to provide real industry experience that will give our students an advantage when applying to college.