Mrs. Strickland's Home Page - 5th Grade, Room 310

  •                                                                                   September 2010


    Dear Parents/Caregivers, 


            Welcome to fifth grade at Houghton Academy.  Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Mrs. Jennifer Strickland, and I will be your child’s teacher for the 2010-2011 school year.


            I am looking forward to an exciting school year at Houghton Academy.  Your child will gain new friends, reunite with old friends, experience new adventures, and of course, learn many new things!


            Please read the following information.  It will help you and your child prepare for fifth grade.


    1.                 A list of this year’s school supplies is attached.  It is also found online at Houghton Academy’s website.  You can find it by first accessing the Buffalo Public Schools’ site.  Please try to provide the supplies by Monday, September 13, 2010.  It is very important that your child is prepared with these necessary support tools for his/her learning experience.


    2.                  Also attached is a permission slip allowing your child to participate in short-term (walking), supervised field trips.  We will go on walking trips, observing various aspects of the community, and to the field and playground at Houghton Park (behind the school).  The park is not part of Houghton Academy and your child’s visits there require your authorization.  Please sign and return the page.



    3.                 Our reading program is from the Harcourt Trophies series.  It is designed so that fifth graders of varied reading levels receive the necessary skills to enhance their reading ability.    Your child will have 2 hours of focused instruction in Reading and English Language Arts (ELA). 



    4.                  Students in Buffalo Public Schools are required to read 25 books during the school year.  Please encourage your child to reach this goal by helping them choose age and interest-appropriate reading material.  After completion of each book, remind them to complete a book log, put it into their Take-Home folder, and return it to school so that they will receive their book credit.  Recognition awards and/or prizes may be given to students who achieve this goal.



    5.                 You child will receive math instruction for one hour each day, taught by my colleague, Jennifer Webb.  I will teach Social Studies and Science to both 5th grade classes.


    6.                 Students will receive 2 full periods of Art, Music, and Physical Education, per 6-day cycle.  Please remind your child to always be prepared for ‘gym’.


    7.                 Please review your child’s Take-Home Folder, homework notebooks, and Agenda information daily.  Important notices, homework, and messages from me, are included, nearly every day, in at least one of these take-home resources.  Homework assignments must be written in the student’s agenda.  Students often miss field trips, deadlines, and assignment credit because the needed information was never retrieved, read, or responded to.


    8.                 Parent/Caregiver involvement is a MUST!  Please take time out, at least twice during the school year (once in fall and once in spring) to spend time in our classroom.  Your children enjoy your presence and it’s a great boost to their confidence knowing that you’re taking time out from your day to spend time with them and their class!  Bring your or your child’s favorite book and share it with us.  A monthly calendar page will be sent home so that you can tell me when you’ll be available.   Please try to devote at least ½ hour.  Thank you, advance!


    9.                 Homework is generally given from Monday through Friday.  Friday’s homework will always include reading a book and completing a book log to be returned on Monday.  Occasionally, if make-up work is necessary, that will be assigned as weekend homework.


    10.            I believe a neat, orderly, well-managed classroom is a major component of your child’s academic success, but sometimes their will be issues that disrupt this ideal environment.  Our class has a “Who’s On Green” behavior recognition plan.  The goal is to stay on green (good behavior, attitude, work ethic, etc.).  As issues arise, students will go from green to yellow (caution), to blue (phone call to you), to red (a visit to the principal’s office, where she will determine the ultimate consequences of unacceptable issues).


    11.            Finally, I have an open-door policy.  Please feel free to visit our classroom any time, during school hours. (Don’t forget to stop at the Main Office, first!)  Personal conferences must be scheduled, and I am generally available to answer or return telephone calls between 8:40 and 8:55 a.m. or 3:30 and 3:45 p.m., Monday through Friday.  I will contact you, by telephone, only in the event of an emergency or if I feel an issue needs immediate parental attention.


         I look forward to meeting you soon!




                                                                                 Educationally Yours,




                                                                                 Jennifer Strickland

                                                                                 5th Grade Teacher

                                                                                 Room 310