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    Ms. Polimeni's First Grade Class

    Parents and guardians please read the parent/student handbook that will be going home on the first day of school, along with important documents that need to be filled out/returned, as well as pertinent information for the upcoming year. There will be detailed information regarding topics such as discipline, rewards, birthdays, snacks, extra clothes, supplies, homework, etc.

    Supply list is as follows:

    1.  Extra clothes (Labeled and in a plastic bag.)
    2.  Medium-sized supply box
    3.  6 dozen pencils/package of erasers
    4.  6 small glue sticks
    5.  A pair of scissors
    6.  Two, 24 count box of crayons
    7.  A pack of markers
    8.  4 composition books
    9.  4 laminated folders

    10 1 roll of paper towels
    11. 2 boxes of tissues
    12. 2 boxes of wipes
    13. 1 hand sanitizer
    14. Boys: A small package of ziploc bags;pack of cups
         Girls:  A large package of ziploc bags;plates