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    Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten!


    Dear Parents and Caregivers:

    My name is Ms. Spooner.  Ms. Eldridge is my Teacher Assistant. We both have been Early Childhood Instructors for over 20 plus years.  We enjoy teaching young children and promise to treat you and your child with respect, patience, and understanding.

    Pre-Kindergarten is an important year for your child. They will learn to identify all letters and the sounds that they make. They will learn to identify and represent numbers 1 - 10, and count to 20. Your child will also learn shapes, colors, and to write their name. Your child will also be exposed to early Science and Social Studies concepts. 

    I welcome you as a partner in helping your child succeed. Please check their backpack every night for important information and homework.  Please review schoolwork and homework with them.  Read to them every night. Together we can get your child ready and excited for their lifetime of learning!

    Please feel free to call me at the school if you have any concerns. Thank you and I look forward to a productive and positive year!!