Mrs. Simpson's Classroom



    Hello! My name is JoAnne Simpson. I will be your child's Kindergarten teacher this year. I am looking forward to working closely with your and your child to make this a very exciting year.My goal is to provide every child with this opportunity and need your help and support to achieve this goal. Every night your child will be given a homework assignmen that reinforces what was done that day/week. I will let you know when homework will start. He/she is to do the assignment and return it in the following day in their folder. PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY BRING THEIR FOLDER EVERY DAY AND IT IS EMPTIED OUT EACH NIGHT!


    1.     Attendance – It’s very important that your child is here everyday, on time.

    2.    Folder – Please check your child’s book bag and folder everyday for important papers and homework.

    3.    Snack – Your child can bring in snacks to share with the class (Animal Crackers).

    4.    Homework – Take time everyday to talk with your child about his / her day and be sure your child completes and returns any homework.

    5.    Money – Throughout the year, we will be collecting money for various field trips and activities. Please note that this year, the kindergarten teachers are collecting $20.00 per student for school supplies due Friday, September 12th.

    6.    Personal Information – It is important that you keep the school updated with your most current phone number, address, and emergency contact person. In addition, your child must be registered with our school clinic.

    7.    Volunteer – Once a month, there will be activities that you can sign up for. In addition, there may be opportunities in the classroom to assist me with the children.


        In their folder there will also be a behavior chart. Every day they will color in a square Green (good day), Yellow (had warning), Red (not a good day). If they receive red, they will get privileges taken away for that day (gym, free time, centers, etc.). I feel that this would be a great way to keep you informed about how your child’s day was. Please keep this in their folder every day so we could use it for the entire month. I am looking forward to working closely with you to make this a great year.



               Thank you so much for your cooperation. It is a privilege to be your child’s teacher. If you have any questions, please call me at the school, 716-816-3848 or though class DOJO.

                                              Best wishes for a great year!!!

                                                             Mrs.Simpson (