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    Due to the COVID-19 Virus we are all unfortunately doing things from home as we all know.  All art work for the rest of the year is posted on my Scoology page.  The idea is that each student will choose a weekly challenge assignment for each week and turn in the pictures of what the students created in the upload folder or as messages on Schoology or Class dojo.  There is a weekly quiz for each challenge. I will post a Power Point of a project for the month of June as a bonus project to get through.  Those will be up in a few weeks.  If for some reason the code to allow you into the Schoology course does not work or you do not have access then make sure your child does about an hour and a half of art creations a week.  Listed below are the homerooms with their access code to Schoology listed next to them.


    Grade 1    RM 105- 6N57-MJF8-HCWKP  RM107- S85Q-ZVTJ-S6NNR  RM 129-VJ3X-F97W-42GBV


    Grade 2     RM 127-  7JCH-D99M-WPSDS   RM 128- HGDH-S777-HZDKW  RM 130- 55ZB-C4DN-6TXRX


    Grade 3     RM324-  DNQT-6TWV-V9DJT  


    Grade 4     RM 222- 7MKK-58WC-4FJ64   RM 327- NTZ8-KN85-C9GNF


    Grade 5     RM 323- DSVS-DN22-TCJR2


    Grade 7     7-1 Code-XXCW-BTVP-C2TTP  7-3 Code-HK5Q-4DBJ-5RHT8  7-4 Code-PDWK-Z55Z2-QSDPP


    Grade K   RM 319- 9MNN-GN6P-P7KBF   RM 108- Q63K-CFZT-XR7BK  RM109- J6Z2-7FMF-CZ2ZX   RM 111-  K8PR-MVFS-R7J58