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  • Welcome to Mrs. Long Bilingual Classroom

     Where Spanish and English languages are Enhanced

    It is my pleasure to be your child's teacher. Be a sixth grader means hard work. Your child needs to prepare him/herself for Middle School. Here are some recommendations to follow:

    . Be prepared to learn everyday                               . Be respectful to yourself and others

    . Complete homework everyday

    . Read and write everyday

    . Show your best effort to learn

    When a child does not follow some of these recommendations, there are some consequences:

    . First, teacher and student conference will be held

    . Second, parents will be call

    . Third, teacher and parents conference will be held

    . Fourth, principal, teacher, parents and student conference

    . Last, failing grade


    It is very important that you as a parent and my as a teacher can colaborate together to ensure the progress and development of your child. 

    Thank you for your support                        

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