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  • Welcome to First Grade!

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    Please make sure that you connect with me on Class Dojo.  If you need an invite to join our class, please email me at hvelasquez@buffaloschools.org.

    All at-home learning packets will be picked up by parents/family members, or delivered by the district.  There are a lot of additional learning opportunities through Clever. There, you will find MobyMax, Lexia Core 5, Finish Line Math, Schoology, and Think Central.  Additionally, your child has access to continue their progress in math through Zearn.  If your child needs their login and password for Clever, please contact me as soon as possible.  
    Things you can do at home:
    Read, Read, Read!  
    Read to your child, with your child.  Have your child read to you.  Ask questions about the book that you are reading.  

    Here are some suggestions:


    Monday - read the story TO your child

    Tuesday - read the story WITH your child (share pages, have your child echo you while you read, ask questions about the story to your child)

    Wednesday - have your child read the story to you

    Thursday - read the story together


    If you are unsure about what questions to ask, here are some suggestions:


    1. Who is the main character in this story?

    2.  What is this story mostly about (the main idea)?

    3.  Did the main character have a problem?

    4.  How did the main character solve the problem?

    5.  What happened first, next, last?

    Sorting and Math:
    Are your plastic containers and lids in a drawer or cupboard and in need of organizing?  Have your child match the lids to the containers.  Have your child stack the containers by size, and then order the sizes from smallest to largest.  
    Are there toys scattered on the floor?  Have them put them in groups of similarities and explain to you how they are the same.  
    Are you making breakfast/lunch/dinner and need a helping hand?  Ask your child how to show that there is half of something.  Ask questions like "If I need three eggs and I only have one, how many more do I need?" 
    Science and Nature:
    Go for a walk, sit on the porch, play in the yard.  Find things in the neighborhood that are blooming (it is spring, after all!).  Have your child describe what they need to grow and live.  Talk about the things that they see in the sky (clouds, moon, stars, sun).  We started learning about these objects before school closed.  Let them tell you all they know!
    Social Studies:
    Talk about the people in your family and how you are related.  Show them pictures of people in your family from the past.  Tell stories about when you were a kid, and how you passed the time.  Compare how things are the same and different for your child now as compared to family members.