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  • Thank you for visiting PS #81's library website.  I have so much to share with you!

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    What is Miss Carl's job? 

    This is the question I am most often asked!  Students know that part of my job is sharing stories with them, and helping them choose books.  Being a librarian is far more interesting than checking books out to students.  Here are some librarian facts:
    • School librarians must have a Masters Degree in Library Science as well as an education degree.  That's right, we are certified teachers!
    • A science teacher may be considered an expert in science.  In that sense, a librarian is an expert in research.
    • Been hearing the buzz words "information literacy?"  That's my job!
    • Librarians teach students research skills, including book and internet use, if you can "trust" a website, note taking, citations, etc.  Anything that is related to writing a research paper or completing a project, we teach.  
      • This is not the same thing as teaching a student the information needed for the project.  We teach them how to find the information needed for the project.  Then we also help them find that information.
    • Librarians have to manage and maintain the collection of books.  
      • The library at PS 81 contains more than 5000 books that I have to keep track of, put away, or remove, if the information is outdated.
      • I must also order new books, both fiction and nonfiction that support the curriculum.  These books are chosen based on collection needs, positively peer reviewed materials, as well as teacher and student suggestions.