3rd Grade Special Education Co-Teacher



    Hi, my name is Mrs. Joseph.  I am the 4rd Grade Special Education Co-teacher.   I work in room 209.  I spend the entire day in the classroom.  I work with those students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP), as well as assisting with all the regular education students in the class. 

    I am also responsible for making sure the Co-teaching students goals are being met, as well as writing their IEP for the following year.  I also hold their annual review meeting  to discuss their IEP and how they are doing meeting their goals.  I also send IEP progress notes home four times a year to coincide with their report cards.

    In addition to being a teacher at School 81, I am also a proud parent of three children, two girls, & a boy.  They are in 10th, 8th, & 4th grade, so I understand what it means to be a busy working mom.